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Say NO to East Anglia Green Pylons across our countryside

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National Grid is planning to run a new electricity power line from off shore wind farms in Norfolk to Tilbury. Their proposed route, called East Anglia Green would mean a line of 50m high pylons running across the Brain valley between White Notley and Faulkbourne and on towards Fairstead.  We already have 2 power lines of pylons around our villages, a third line will spoil our countryside even further.

If you agree, you can have your say in the following ways:

Here are some suggested points you might like to make:

  • Why not route the cables under the sea?
  • Why not route the cables underground? It may be more expensive in the short term, but pylons will blight the countryside forever.
  • Why not route the cables along the already constructed A12 corridor rather than across green fields?
  • Why not use existing lines and pylons rather than install new ones?

There is a Facebook group ‘Essex Suffolk Norfolk Pylons’, they have lots of useful information with links to posters you can print and display.

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